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   When to have "the talk" with Aging Parents
Parents very rarely admit they need help so it's important to know the signs that they may need assistance.

State of the home: If your parents are typically great homemakers and the house seems more cluttered it may be a sign that either they can't keep up with the household chores or they are losing some mental capacity.

Hygiene:  What's true for the house is true for the body; someone who stops bathing or washing their clothes often has deeper issues that need addressing.

Forgetfulness: There is a difference between "senior moments" and true forgetfulness; true forgetfulness is a red flag.  Has Dad gotten lost driving on a route he's taken for years? Is mom getting neighbor's name wrong consistently? The danger is that these kinds of moments could lead to more dangerous incidents such as leaving the burner alight on the stove.

Weight Loss: When someone doesn't get the nutrition they need they quickly fade. It could be a lack of appetite, lack of desire to cook, or lack of ability to put meals together. A healthy diet is essential to maintain good health.

Depression: Sometimes it's a simple case of loneliness that makes someone head downhill. Single parents, widows and widowers in particular may start to feel isolated and alone. Even a once week visit from a Home Healthcare professional can turn that mood around.

Change in physical capabilities: This may be the easiest to spot but often the hardest to address. for fear of giving up independence, someone lacking strength and mobility may be apprehensive to admit their need for help.

It is important to look for and address these signs; they may be hidden by the fear of losing their independence.

Our goal is to allow the continuance of independence while maintaining the overall health and safety of the elderly individual.



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